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Shekhawati University Result 2018 , BA, B.Com, B.Sc UG PG

Shekhawati University Result 2018 , BA, B.Com, B.Sc UG PG

Shekhawati University Result 2018 : Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya Shekhawati University results 2018 through the official portal for various UG , PG and distance learning courses. Shekhawati University UG , PG Results and PDUS University 2017 PG Exam Results and Mark Sheet. So, you can download regular and supply exams from PDUs University BA, BCom, BSc Regular Examination Results 2018, along with direct link to Shakewati University Results 2018 for January-December. To get ahead in graduate certificate and career path, it is very important to know your Shekhawati University Salem Semester IQ test results and Annual First Year II Back and PDUS Results. All students can see their Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya Shekhawati University Sikar Results 2018 from the University website.

Shekhawati University Result 2018

Shekhawati University Result 2018 Degree , UG (BTech, BA, BSc, BE, BCom), BEd and PG (MBA, MSc, MA, MCA) and other PhD courses Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya Shekhawati University. Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya is the primary responsibility for shaping and channelizing the energy, vision and commitments of youth for direction, to the local, regional and national society, and to positive, productive and creative concerns. It can be achieved through an effective education and dissemination of knowledge. The University feels its obligations to serve the society and region of the next qualified, service and service. Academic agenda is needed to design academic programs, which can address the issues, progress and concerns of the subjects in the areas of academic excellence, progress and development and the goal of being equal to global race in the field of construction. Good people with all sets of standards and human criteria.

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Faculty of Science

*B.Sc. (Pass Course) Part-IAnnual2018
*B.Sc. (Pass Course) Part-IIAnnual2018
*B.Sc. (Pass Course) Part-IIIAnnual2018
*B.Sc. (Hons.) Part-IAnnual2018
*B.Sc. (Hons.) Part-IIAnnual2018
*B.Sc. (Hons.) Part-IIIAnnual2018
*B.Sc. Biotechnology Part-I,II & IIIAnnual2018,2019 & 2020
*B.Sc. Home Science Part-IAnnual2018
*B.Sc. Home Science Part-IIAnnual2018
*B.Sc. Home Science Part-IIIAnnual2018
*B.C.A. (Part-I,II,III)Annual2018, 2019, 2020
*M.Sc. Home Science Part-I(HDF)Semester2017-2019
*M.Sc. Home Science Part-I(FHN)Semester2017-2019
*M.Sc. Home Science Part-I(DCE)Semester2017-2019
*M.Sc. Zoology (Previous & Final)Annual2018-2019
*M.A./M.Sc. Mathematics (Previous & Final)Annual2018-2019
*M.Sc. Geology (Previous & Final)Annual2018-2019
*M.A./M.Sc. Psychology (Previous & Final)Annual2018-2019
*M.Sc. Physics (Previous & Final)Annual2018-2019
*M.Sc. Chemistry (Previous & Final)Annual2018-2019
*M.Sc. Botany (Previous & Final)Annual2018-2019
*M.Sc. Environment Science (Previous & Final)Annual2018-2019
*M.A./M.Sc. Geography (Previous & Final)Annual2018-2019
*M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Previous & Final)Annual2018-2019
*M.Sc. Bio-Chemistry (Previous & Final)Annual2018-2019
*M.A./M.Sc./M.Com. GP&EM (Previous & Final)Annual2018-2019
*PG Diploma in CounselingAnnual2018
*PG Diploma in Water Conservation & Mang.Annual2018
*Certificate Course in Public Health Nutrition (SFS)Annual2017-2018
*Home Science (Career Oriented & Skill Development Course in Clinical & Nutrition & Dietetics)Annual2018
*MCA (Semester I to IV)Semester2017-2020
*M.A./M.Sc. Statistics (Semester I to IV)Semester2017-2019
*M.A./M.Sc. Geography (Semester I to IV)Semester2017-2019
*M.Sc. Environment Science (Semester I to IV)Semester2017-2019
*M.Sc. Biotechnology (Semester I)Semester2017
*M.Sc. Biotechnology (Semester III & IV)Semester2017-2018
*M.Sc. Microbiology (Semester I to IV)Semester2017-2019
*PG Diploma in Human Ecology, Environmental Studies & Population Studies (Semester I & II)Semester2017-2018
*M.Sc. Zoology (Semester I to IV)Semester2017-2019
*M.A./M.Sc. Mathematics (I to IV)Semester2017-2019
*M.Sc. Geology (I to IV)Semester2017-2019
*M.A./M.Sc. Psychology (I to IV)Semester2017-2019
*M.Sc. Physics (I to IV)Semester2017-2019
*M.Sc. Chemistry (I to IV)Semester2017-2019
*M.Sc. IT (I to IV)Semester2017-2019
*M.Sc. Environmental ScienceAnnual2018-2019
*M.A./M.Sc. StatisticsAnnual2018-2019
*M.Sc. BiotechnologyAnnual2017 to 2018
*M.Sc. BotanySemester I, III & IV2017 to 2018
*M.Sc. BiotechnologySemester II2017- 2018
*M.Sc. BotanySemester II2017- 2018
*M.Phil. PsychologySemester2017 to 2018
*M.Phil. BotanySemester2017 to 2018
*M.Phil. EnergySemester2017 to 2018
*M.Phil. MathematicsSemester2017 to 2018
*M.Phil. GeographySemester2017 to 2018
*M.Phil./Pre Ph.D. (Statistics) Course WorkSemester2017 to 2018
*B.Voc. In Building Construction Technology & B.Voc. in Interior DesignSemester (I & IV)2017 to 2019

Faculty of Commerce

*B.Com. (Pass Course) Part-IAnnual2018
*B.Com. (Pass Course) Part-IIAnnual2018
*B.Com. (Pass Course) Part-III (Revised)Annual2018
*B.Com. (Hons.) Part-I (Revised)Annual2018
*B.Com. (Hons.) Part-II (Revised)Annual2018
*B.Com. (Hons.) Part-III (Revised)Annual2018
*BBA Part-I and IIAnnual2018,2019,2020
*BBA Part- IIIAnnual2018,2019,2020
*M.Com. ABST (Revised)Semester2017-2019
*M.Com. ABST (Revised)Annual2018-2019
*Master of Cost Control & Accountancy (Revised)Semester2017-2019
*Master of International BusinessSemester2017-2019
*M.Com. in EAFM (Prev. & Final)Annual2018-2019
*M.Com. in Business Admn (Prev. & Final)Annual2018-2019
*Master of International Business (Prev. & Final)Annual2018-2019
*Master of Human Resource Mang.(Prev. & Final)Annual2018-2019
*PG Diploma in Mang. of small scale & agro-industriesAnnual2018
*PG Diploma in financial analysis & controlAnnual2018
*PG Diploma in banking & financeAnnual2018
*PG Diploma in project planning & infra-structure mang.Annual2018
*PG Diploma in Co-operationAnnual2018
*PG Diploma in development & investment bankingAnnual2018
*M.Com. in Business Admn.(I & IV)Semester2017-2019
*M.Com. in Financial Analysis and control (I & IV)Semester2017-2019
*M.Com. in EAFM (I & IV)Semester2017-2019
*Master of Human Resource Mang.(I & IV)Semester2017-2019
*M.Phil. in Business Admn.(I & II)Semester2017-2019
*M.Phil. in EAFM (I & II)Semester2017-2019
*Accountancy & business Statistics scheme for course work for m.phil. & Ph.D.(I to II)Semester2018
*Diploma & Certificate Course in EntrepreneurshipI Year & 6 Month2018

Faculty of Arts and Social Science

*B.A. (Pass Course) Part-IAnnual2018
*B.A. (Pass Course) Part-IIAnnual2018
*B.A. (Pass Course) Part-IIIAnnual2018
*B.A. (Hons.) Part-IAnnual2018
*B.A. (Hons.) Part-IIAnnual2018
*B.A. (Hons.) Part-IIIAnnual2018
*B.A.(Deaf, Dumb & Blind) Part-IAnnual2018
*B.A.(Deaf, Dumb & Blind) Part-IIAnnual2018
*B.A.(Deaf, Dumb & Blind) Part-IIIAnnual2018
*M.A. EconomicsSemester I to IV2017-2019
*M.A. SociologySemester I to IV2017-2019
*M.A.FrenchSemester I to IV2017-2019
*M.A. HistorySemester I to IV2017-2019
*M.A. Public AdmnSemester I to IV2017-2019
*M.A. EnglishSemester I to IV2017-2019
*M.A. UrduSemester I to IV2017-2019
*M.A. IN Electronic Media , Journalism and Mass Communication, Public Relations and AdvertisingSemester I to IV2017-2019
*M.A/M.Sc.AnthropologySemester I to IV2017-2019
*M.A.Museology & ConservationSemester I to IV2017-2019
*M.A.PhilosophySemester I to IV2017-2019
*M.A.Political ScienceSemester I to IV2017-2019
*M.A.Rajasthani Language,Literature & CultureSemester I to IV2017-2019
*M.A.SanskritSemester I to IV2017-2019
*M.A. Journalism & Mass CommunicationAnnual2018-2019
*M.A. HindiAnnual2018-2019
*M.A. HindiSemester-IDecember-2017
*M.A. HindiSemester-IIJune- 2018
*M.A. HindiSemester-III & IV2017-2018
*M.A. EnglishAnnual2018-2019
*M.A. UrduAnnual2018-2019
*M.A. PhilosophyAnnual2018-2019
*M.A. SanskritAnnual2018-2019
*M.A. HistoryAnnual2018-2019
*M.A. EconomicsAnnual2018-2019
*M.A. Political ScienceAnnual2018-2019
*M.A. SociologyAnnual2018-2019
*M.A. Public Admn.Annual2018-2019
*M.Phil. EnglishSemester2017-2018
*M.Phil. EconomicsSemester2017-2018
*M.Phil. PhilosophySemester2017-2018
*M.Phil. HindiSemester2017-2018
*M.Phil. Gandhian StudiesSemester2017-2018
*M.Phil. HistorySemester2017-2018
*M.Phil. Political ScienceSemester2017-2018
*M.Phil. SanskritSemester2017-2018
*M.Phil. Public Admn.Semester2017-2018
*M.Phil. UrduSemester2017-2018
*M.Phil. Jain StudiesSemester2017-2018
*M.Phil. SociologySemester2017-2018
*M.Phil. South Asia StudiesSemester2017-2018
*M.Phil. Gender StudiesSemester2017-2018
*Certificate, Diploma & Post Diploma in European LanguageAnnual2018

Faculty of Law

*L.L.B. (First Year Second Year & Third Year)Annual2018,2019,2020
*LL.M. Human Rights & Value Education (I to IV)Semester2017-2019
*LL.M. General (I to IV)Semester2017-2019
*B.A.L.L.B. Five Year Integrated Course (I to X)Semester2017-2022
*B.A.L.L.B. Five Year (Hons.) (I to X)Semester2017-2022
*LL.M. & DiplomaAnnual2018

Shekhawati University Result 2018 Revaluation , Rechecking Form

Shekhawati University Result 2018 Revaluation , Rechecking Form , All candidates present in the Shekhawat University UG and PG courses as well as all candidates for MBA, MCA, MA, and M.Tech, will have to re-evaluate their re-evaluation results directly with the link. Apart from this, you can download Regular, Back Paper, Supplemental and Total Score of Shekhawati University DDE course. After the announcement of the results of the examination results of the men, Shekhawati University examination will display notice in favor of the University Controller Examination, evaluation, re-examination, supplement, prevention etc. Applications will be invited for students who will not be invited from the results of the students.

Website of the University :

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