Pondicherry University B.Tech Result 2016-17 | 1st 3rd 5th 7th Sem

Pondicherry University B.Tech Result 2016-17 | 1st 3rd 5th 7th Sem

Pondicherry University recently conducted the examination for students of B.Tech 1/3/5/7th semester, many students studied B.Tech. 1, 3, 5, 7th semester in the examination and now After the exam they are all looking for results to see their performance in the exam.

Pondicherry Univ B.Tech Results 2016-17

The examination controller of Pondicherry University ODD Semester November / December 2016 The examination notification will be revealed in relation to the B. Tech course examination results. We are informing all the candidates who are passing the University BTECH Semester War Examination. After completion of the exam, all universities are waiting very anxiously to see the results of the test through the official portal of the portal. When they update the test results statement, we will notify you as soon as possible on this page. But you have to be in touch with us on this page.


BTHBMEighth SemesterC28/03/2017B. Tech. ( Bio Medical Engineering )
Seventh SemesterC28/03/2017B. Tech. ( Bio Medical Engineering )
Sixth SemesterC28/03/2017B. Tech. ( Bio Medical Engineering )
Fifth SemesterC28/03/2017B. Tech. ( Bio Medical Engineering )
Fourth SemesterC28/03/2017B. Tech. ( Bio Medical Engineering )
Third SemesterC28/03/2017B. Tech. ( Bio Medical Engineering )
Second SemesterC28/03/2017B. Tech. ( Bio Medical Engineering )
First SemesterC28/03/2017B. Tech. ( Bio Medical Engineering )
BTHCEEighth SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech.(Chemical Engineering)
Seventh SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech.(Chemical Engineering)
Sixth SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech.(Chemical Engineering)
Fifth SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech.(Chemical Engineering)
Fourth SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech.(Chemical Engineering)
Third SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech.(Chemical Engineering)
Second SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech.(Chemical Engineering)
First SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech.(Chemical Engineering)
BTHICEighth SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech.(Instrumentation&Control Engg.)
Seventh SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech.(Instrumentation&Control Engg.)
Sixth SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech.(Instrumentation&Control Engg.)
Fifth SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech.(Instrumentation&Control Engg.)
Fourth SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech.(Instrumentation&Control Engg.)
Third SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech.(Instrumentation&Control Engg.)
Second SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech.(Instrumentation&Control Engg.)
First SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech.(Instrumentation&Control Engg.)
BTHEIEighth SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech.(Electronics & Instrumentation Engg.)
Seventh SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech.(Electronics & Instrumentation Engg.)
Sixth SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech.(Electronics & Instrumentation Engg.)
Fifth SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech.(Electronics & Instrumentation Engg.)
Fourth SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech.(Electronics & Instrumentation Engg.)
Third SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech.(Electronics & Instrumentation Engg.)
Second SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech.(Electronics & Instrumentation Engg.)
First SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech.(Electronics & Instrumentation Engg.)
BTHEEEighth SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech. (Electrical & Electronics Engg.)
Seventh SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech. (Electrical & Electronics Engg.)
Sixth SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech. (Electrical & Electronics Engg.)
Fifth SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech. (Electrical & Electronics Engg.)
Fourth SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech. (Electrical & Electronics Engg.)
Third SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech. (Electrical & Electronics Engg.)
Second SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech. (Electrical & Electronics Engg.)
First SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech. (Electrical & Electronics Engg.)
BTHITEighth SemesterC28/03/2017B. Tech.(Information Technology)
Seventh SemesterC28/03/2017B. Tech.(Information Technology)
Sixth SemesterC28/03/2017B. Tech.(Information Technology)
Fifth SemesterC28/03/2017B. Tech.(Information Technology)
Fourth SemesterC28/03/2017B. Tech.(Information Technology)
Third SemesterC28/03/2017B. Tech.(Information Technology)
Second SemesterC28/03/2017B. Tech.(Information Technology)
First SemesterC28/03/2017B. Tech.(Information Technology)
BTHCVEighth SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech.(Civil Engineering)
Seventh SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech.(Civil Engineering)
Sixth SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech.(Civil Engineering)
Fifth SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech.(Civil Engineering)
Fourth SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech.(Civil Engineering)
Third SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech.(Civil Engineering)
Second SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech.(Civil Engineering)
First SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech.(Civil Engineering)
BTHECEighth SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech. (Electronics & Communication Engg.)
Seventh SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech. (Electronics & Communication Engg.)
Sixth SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech. (Electronics & Communication Engg.)
Fifth SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech. (Electronics & Communication Engg.)
Fourth SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech. (Electronics & Communication Engg.)
Third SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech. (Electronics & Communication Engg.)
Second SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech. (Electronics & Communication Engg.)
First SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech. (Electronics & Communication Engg.)
BTHMCEighth SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech.(Mechanical Engineering)
Seventh SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech.(Mechanical Engineering)
Sixth SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech.(Mechanical Engineering)
Fifth SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech.(Mechanical Engineering)
Fourth SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech.(Mechanical Engineering)
Third SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech.(Mechanical Engineering)
Second SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech.(Mechanical Engineering)
First SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech.(Mechanical Engineering)
BTHCSEighth SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech(Computer Science & Engineering)
Seventh SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech(Computer Science & Engineering)
Sixth SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech(Computer Science & Engineering)
Fifth SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech(Computer Science & Engineering)
Fourth SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech(Computer Science & Engineering)
Third SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech(Computer Science & Engineering)
Second SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech(Computer Science & Engineering)
First SemesterC28/03/2017B.Tech(Computer Science & Engineering)

According to the unveiling of the notification by the officials, after the completion of the statement of examination examination, the department will announce the results very soon through the official website. Candidates will download B.Tech results according to semester according to the official website within two months of the examination, as shown below. You can download the examination results by entering the register number, your degree course and semester through the official university website.


B.Tech.(Chemical Engineering) 1st-3rd-5th-7th 2016 Results
B. Tech. ( Bio Medical Engineering ) First/Third/Fifth/Seventh Sem Results 2016
B.Tech.(Instrumentation &Control Engg.) 1st-3rd-5th-7th Nov/Dec Exam Results
B.Tech. (Electronics & Instrumentation Engg.) First/Third/Fifth/Seventh Sem Results 2016
B.Tech. (Civil Engineering) 1st-3rd-5th-7th Sem Results 2016 Nov & Dec
B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering) First/Third/Fifth/Seventh Sem Results 2016
B.Tech. (Electrical & Electronics Engg.) Nov /Dec Results Odd Semester
B. Tech. (Information Technology) First/Third/Fifth/Seventh Sem Results 2016
B.Tech. (Electronics & Communication Engg.) 1st-3rd-5th-7th Semester 2016 Results


After declaring the results of the B.Tech. Ode Semester examination, they will conduct a program to submit applications for revising / re-evaluation of the data through the university’s official website. Those applicants who are not satisfied with the results of the examination or who want to re-evaluate the statement of the points, they can apply for the submission of re-evaluation application on the official portal of the University Portal, as well as the subject within the prescribed time limit. With fixed fee. They will declare the results of the re-evaluation examination after 30 days from the last date of re-evaluation.

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Pondicherry University BTECH Odd Semester Nov-Dec 2016 Results  Not Yet Announce

Official website of the University: www.pondiuni.edu.in



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