Nokia 3310 New Look ~ Feature ~ Price in India

Nokia 3310 New Look ~ Feature ~ Price in India

Although we already have the old school had heard rumors about the device making a comeback, it was exciting to get our hands on the actual handset. Nokia 3310 transports you to a simpler time, the new version is about picking up something, and that is probably what the crowd harvesting the company’s booth on the convention floor surrounded attracted.

New colorful 3310 a “feature phone” as opposed to a smart phone categorized as. The S30 + operating system allows for web browsing, but an Android or iOS system than a very small range of apps. The original version featured a monochrome screen, the new phone has a color screen as well as a two-megapixel camera.

Described by the company as a modern classic, new in 3310 its long battery life, flexible casing, and sports facilities, including snakes thanks to the collection of mobile has become a much loved. However, the new features will not strain the battery life of the phone: the new 3310 worth of talk time and 22 hours standby boasts month long.

Nokia 3310 Features


Nokia 3310 2017 edition of the things that you find that you generally prefer more modern smart phone offerings is hate. Overall, it feels great in the hand, it, light, smart, and simple.


Nokia’s new phone 3310 240 × 320 pixel 2.4 inch screen, which significantly upgrades the original 1.5-inch monochrome display and builds on. 1080-pixel screen of this phone is all about polish that we’ve come to getting as far from granted.
The old Nokia 3310 is a GSM Mobile1 announced September 2000, and released in the fourth quarter of the year, replacing the popular Nokia 3210 phone.

Nokia 3310 Price: Rs. 3299 (expected)


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