Merit Cum Means Scholarship for Professional and Technical Courses

Merit Cum Means Scholarship for Professional and Technical Courses

Taking cognizance of the merit cum science scholarship scheme for professional and technical courses is honored by CS Prime Minister’s office for the disadvantaged sections of the minority communities and therefore, want to rule briefly in the subsequent paragraphs.

Merit Cum Means Scholarship 2017

This plan will be announced by the respective State Government / Union Territory Administration from time to time using major language newspapers and local dailies / local language advertisements and other appropriate publicity media.

Rate Of Scholarship:

 (Amount in Rs.)

Sl. No.Type of Financial AssistanceRate for HostlerRate for Day Scholar
1.Maintenance Allowance for 10 Months only in an Academic YearRs. 10,000.00 Per Annum (Rs. 1,000/- Per Month)Rs. 5,000.00 Per Annum   (Rs. 500/- Per Month).
2.Course Fee*Rs.20,000/- Per Annum or Actual, whichever is lessRs.20,000/- Per Annum or Actual, whichever is less
TotalRs. 30,000/-Rs. 25,000/-

Merit-Cum-Means-Scholarship for Professional & Technical Courses CS


Students entering the technical / vocational course without any competitive examination will also be eligible for scholarship. However, such students should not be less than 50% marks at the higher secondary / graduate level. These students will be selected strictly on Merit Basis.

Other Eligibility Criteria for  Merit-Cum-Means Scholarship:

  1. Financial Assistance shall be given to pursue Graduate Level or Post Graduate Level Technical and Professional Courses from a Recognized Institution. Course Fee and Maintenance Allowance will be credited / transferred directly into the Bank Account of the Selected Students.
  2. The Students who get admission to a college to pursue Technical / Professional Courses, on the basis of a Competitive Examination will be Eligible for the Scholarship.
  3. Continuation of the Scholarship in subsequent Years will depend on Successful Completion of the Course during the Preceding Year.
  4. A Scholarship-holder under this Scheme will not avail any other Scholarship / Stipend for pursuing the Course.
  5. The Annual Income of the Beneficiary / Parent or Guardian of the Beneficiary should not exceed Rs.2.50 Lac from all Sources.
  6. The Income Certificate would remain valid for One Year.
  7. The State Department will advertise the Scheme every Year and receive the Applications Online through the Institutions concerned as per the Timeline.
  8. Aadhaar Number is also required for Payment of the Scholarship.
  9. The concerned State Government / Union Territory Administration will be responsible for processing and scrutinizing the Applications submitted by the Students (as per the Work Flow opted) and send the Proposal of the Eligible Students online to this Ministry for Sanction of the Scholarships as per Timelines.
  10. Online Proposal for release of Fund from the State Department must be forwarded to and received in the Ministry as per the Timeline fixed by this Ministry every Year.
  11. Fund for Administrative Expenses in the subsequent Year will be released after receipt of the Utilization Certificate for the Fund released in the previous Year.

Other Conditions For Award of the Scholarship:

  1. Award of the Scholarship depends on the Satisfactory Progress and Conduct of the Scholar.
  2. In case of any Student observed to have obtained a Scholarship by way of False Statement, then his / her Scholarship will be forthwith cancelled and the Amount of the Scholarship paid will be recovered / forfeited, at the discretion of the State Government concerned. The Student concerned will be blacklisted and debarred for the Scholarship in any Scheme forever.
  3. A Scholarship awarded may be cancelled, if the Scholar changes the Subject of the Course of Study or changes the Institution of Study, without Prior Approval of the State Government / Union Territory Administration. The Head of the Institution shall report such cases to this Ministry.
  4. A Scholar is liable to refund the Scholarship Amount, if during the course of the Year, the Studies for which the Scholarship has been awarded, is discontinued or was changed in the Subject of Study.
  5. The Regulations under the Scheme may be changed at any time at the discretion of the Government of India.
  6. The List of the Graduate Degree Level and Post Graduate Level Technical and Professional Courses under Merit-cum-Means-Based-Scholarship Scheme (MMSS) is available on the Official Website of the Ministry.

Merit Cum Means Scholarship 2017 Application Form

(i) The Scholarship Scheme is implemented through a National Scholarship Portal (NSP). It is mandatory for all students to apply Online on the Website of this Ministry.

(ii) The List of the Documents to be scanned & uploaded for both Fresh and Renewal Scholarships as under:

  1. Student Photo (Mandatory).
  2. Institution Verification Form. (Mandatory).
  3. Self-Declaration of Income Certificate by the Student. (Mandatory).
  4. Self-Declaration of Community by the Student. (Mandatory).
  5. In case of Fresh Case: Self-Attested Certificate of ‘Previous Academic Mark Sheet’ as filled in Form. (Mandatory).
  6. In case of Renewal Case: Self-Attested Certificate of the Previous Year Mark Sheet as filled in the Form. (Mandatory).
  7. Fee Receipt of the Current Course Year. (Mandatory).
  8. Proof of Bank Account in the Name of the Student. (Mandatory).
  9. Aadhaar Card (Optional).
  10. Residential Certificate. (Mandatory).

Mode Of Applying:

The concerned State Government / Union Territory Administration will supply the application form, unless computerized systems are operated by the State Governments / Union Territory Administration. The application form should be returned with the requisite certificates / certificates within the prescribed period.

In case of Clarifications, Assistance, the Parents / Guardians are advised to log into

Wishing here the Best of Luck for the Students.

Press Click here on PMSS Website to check out the Updated on the PMSS Merit-Cum-Means-Scholarship for Professional & Technical Courses CS.


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