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JEXPO Results Rank Card Counseling 2018 – WB Seat Allotment

JEXPO Results Rank Card Counseling 2018 – WB Seat Allotment

JEXPO Exam Results 2018 : The team briefly summarizes the input in connection with the later entrance test for Joint Entrance Examination Program (JEXPO) and Business Program (VOCLET) 2018 for admission to various Polytechnic Diploma Courses presented in various government institutions, government sponsored and self-finance institutions. JEXPO Results Rank Card Counseling 2018 . Wants to do Institute for the academic year 2018 as described in the later paragraphs.Jexpo Merit List 2018, JEXPO Results 2018, JEXPO Results 2018, JEXPO Results, 2018,  Merit List, JEXPO 2018 Rank, Date of Jexpo Polytechnic Results, Vocal Results 2018 Answer Key, JEXPO Merit List 2018, JEXPO 2018 Redemption.

JEXPO VOCLET Entrance Test Result 2018

West Bengal State Council of Technical Education (WBSCTE) is announcing the Joint Entrance Examination Program (JEXPO) and Lateral Entrance Examination (VOCLET) 2018 for the results of JEXPO and VOCLET 2018 under the joint link examination on 30th April, 2018.

We look forward to the West Bengal State Council of Technical Education between June 2018 for counseling for allocation of seats in the field of research in entry of 33 Diploma Courses introduced in various Polytechnic Institutes in West Bengal.JEXPO Results Rank Card Counseling 2018 .

The West Bengal State Council of Technical Education has informed on its website that detailed consultation schedule for ready reference of candidates declared successful in JEXPO / VOCLET 2018. The final results of West Bengal State Council of Technical Education have been made available from 30th May, 2018

As a result, students can register their enrollment number and mobile number on www.exametc.com to get results as a result of the result immediately after the release.

To get results on SMS For JEXPO

  • Send SMS as “JEXPOEnrolment No. 54242”
  • For VOCLET: Send SMS as “VOCLET Enrolment No. 54242”.

JEXPO Merit List 2018

Compliance related to entry for various Polytechnic diploma courses is underway.

Eligibility can be displayed in the following paragraphs for online consultation for admission in various polytechnic courses.

Note: The West Bengal State Council for Technical Education has issued a Consultation Notification to conduct consultation round of the specified dates and through seat allocation process, the candidates are going to allocate seats through merit list.

WB JEXPO  VOCLET Counseling 1st 2nd 3rd Round 2018

The West Bengal State Council of Tech Education, the valid rank holder, who is eligible to appear in the online counseling process of JEXPO 2018 and VOCLET 2018, are given below-

Sl. NoExaminationCategoryEligible rank for Online counselling
1JEXPO 2018General/ SC/ OBC A & OBC BValid ranks 1-60000
ST, PC, LLQAll valid ranks
2VOCLET 2018All categoriesAll valid ranks

List of Diploma Courses offered in Polytechnic Institutes

  1. Agricultural Engineering
  2. Architecture
  3. Automobile Engineering
  4. Chemical Engineering
  5. Civil Engineering
  6. Computer Science & Technology
  7. Computer Software Technology
  8. Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  9. Electrical Engineering
  10. Electrical Engineering (Industrial Control)
  11. Electrical Power System
  12. Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering
  13. Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
  14. Food Processing Technology
  15. Footwear Technology
  16. Information Technology
  17. Leather Goods Technology
  18. Mechanical Engineering
  19. Mechanical Engineering (Production)
  20. Medical Laboratory Technology
  21. Metallurgical Engineering
  22. Mine Surveying
  23. Mining Engineering
  24. Multimedia Technology
  25. Packaging Technology
  26. Photography
  27. Printing Technology
  28. Survey Engineering
  29. Modern Office Practice & Management
  30. Pharmacy (02-Years)
  31. Hotel Management & Catering Technology
  32. 3D Animation & Graphics (02-Years)
  33. Medical Electronics (Post Diploma) [1½ Years]
  34. Petrochemical Engineering (Post Diploma) [1½ Years]

Subject Details

Subject NameType of the Course
Mechanical EngineeringDiploma
Civil EngineeringDiploma
Electrical EngineeringDiploma
Electronics & Telecommunication EngineeringDiploma
Computer Science & TechnologyDiploma
Electronics & Instrumentation EngineeringDiploma
Automobile EngineeringDiploma
Printing TechnologyDiploma
Metallurgical EngineeringDiploma
Mining EngineeringDiploma
Mine SurveyingDiploma
Mechanical Engineering (Production)Diploma
Chemical EngineeringDiploma
Modern Office Practice & ManagementDiploma
Medical Laboratory TechnologyDiploma
Computer Software TechnologyDiploma
Food Processing TechnologyDiploma
Footwear TechnologyDiploma
Survey EngineeringDiploma
Information TechnologyDiploma
Fashion TechnologyDiploma
Packaging TechnologyDiploma
Agricultural EngineeringDiploma
Computer ApplicationPost-Diploma
Medical ElectronicsPost-Diploma
Petro-Chemical EngineeringPost-Diploma
Civil EngineeringPart Time Diploma
Electrical EngineeringPart Time Diploma
Electronics & Telecom. EngineeringPart Time Diploma
Mechanical EngineeringPart Time Diploma
Mining EngineeringPart Time Diploma
Printing TechnologyPart Time Diploma
Two (02) Years’ Advanced Certificate Course in Boot, Shoe & Leather Goods ManufactureOther
One (01) Year’s Diploma in Fire SafetyOther
One (01) Year’s Diploma in Safety EngineeringOther
One (01) Year’s Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Development & Labour WelfareOther
Two (02) Years’ Diploma Course in Craft Teachers’ TrainingOther
Laboratory Assistant (Pathology)Short-Term Vocational Course G.A.
RadiologyShort-Term Vocational Course G.A.
Toy MakingShort-Term Vocational Course G.A.
2/3 Wheeler Repairing & MaintenanceShort-Term Vocational Course G.A.
Air Conditioning & Refrigeration MechanicShort-Term Vocational Course G.A.
Amin SurveyorShort-Term Vocational Course G.A.
Auto CADShort-Term Vocational Course G.A.
Auto ElectricianShort-Term Vocational Course G.A.
Automobile Mechanic (Engine)Short-Term Vocational Course G.A.
Automobile TechnicianShort-Term Vocational Course G.A.
Bandhni & BatikShort-Term Vocational Course G.A.
Certificate in Leather CraftsShort-Term Vocational Course G.A.
Color & B/W TV RepairingShort-Term Vocational Course G.A.
Colour & B/W TV Repairing MechanicShort-Term Vocational Course G.A.
Color TV, VCR Repairing MechanicShort-Term Vocational Course G.A.
Commercial Art with Design of Handloom ProductsShort-Term Vocational Course G.A.
Computer FundamentalShort-Term Vocational Course G.A.
Crafts Teachers TrainingShort-Term Vocational Course G.A.
D.T.P.Short-Term Vocational Course G.A.
Desk Top PublishingShort-Term Vocational Course G.A.
ECG TechnicianShort-Term Vocational Course G.A.
Electrical MaintenanceShort-Term Vocational Course G.A.
Embroidery/Knitting and Fashion TechnologyShort-Term Vocational Course G.A.
Financial AccountingShort-Term Vocational Course G.A.
Food ProcessingShort-Term Vocational Course G.A.
Garment Design & Dress MakingShort-Term Vocational Course G.A.
Hair & Skin CareShort-Term Vocational Course G.A.
House Wiring & Armature WindingShort-Term Vocational Course G.A.
Information Technology ApplicationShort-Term Vocational Course G.A.
Jute Bag MakingShort-Term Vocational Course G.A.
Machine EmbroideryShort-Term Vocational Course G.A.
Maintenance & Servicing of 2/3 WheelersShort-Term Vocational Course G.A.
Maintenance of Domestic AppliancesShort-Term Vocational Course G.A.
Physiotherapy TechnicianShort-Term Vocational Course G.A.
Physiotherapy Technician  & Lab-AssistantShort-Term Vocational Course G.A.
Professional Fire FightingShort-Term Vocational Course G.A.
RDPAIShort-Term Vocational Course G.A.
Repairing & Maintenance of Pump SetsShort-Term Vocational Course G.A.
Soft Luggage MakingShort-Term Vocational Course G.A.
Telephone & Mobile RepairingShort-Term Vocational Course G.A.
Telephone RepairingShort-Term Vocational Course G.A.
Welder (Gas & Electric)Short-Term Vocational Course G.A.
Advanced PhysiotherapyShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Advanced Physiotherapy TechnicianShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Air Conditioning & RefrigerationShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Auto CADShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Auto ElectricianShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Auto MechanismShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Automobile MechanicShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Automobile Workshop ManagementShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Black & White TV Repairing MechanicShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
CarpentryShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Certificate Course in MultimediaShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Civil ConstructionShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Civil Construction SafetyShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Colour TV & Telephone RepairShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Colour TV MechanicShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Commercial Art & Visual CommunicationShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Commercial Art Exhibition & DisplayShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Computer ApplicationShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Computer AssemblyShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Computer BasicsShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Computer FundamentalShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Computer MaintenanceShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Computer Programming & ApplicationShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Computerized Financial Accounting ProfessionShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Conation Supervisor A LevelShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Construction Supervisor & A LevelShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Construction Supervisor O & A LevelShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
CookeryShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Desk Top PublishingShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Diesel / Petrol Engine MechanicsShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Digital DesigningShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
DTP & MultimediaShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
ECG CardiologyShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
ECG TechnicianShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Electric House Wiring & Motor WindingShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Electrical Installation & House WiringShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Electrical WorkmenShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Fast AccountingShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Financial AccountingShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Fire & SafetyShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Food & Beverage ServiceShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Front Office Operation & Hotel AccountsShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Garment Design & Dress MakingShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Hardware & NetworkingShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Hospital & Health ManagementShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
House KeepingShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
House Wiring & Armature M.WShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
House Wiring & Armature WindingShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Interior Decoration & BeautificationShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Internet ApplicationShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Laboratory Assistant (Pathology)Short-Term Vocational Course S.F
M.S. OfficeShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Mechanical Maintenance (Fitter)Short-Term Vocational Course S.F
Medical Laboratory TechnologyShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Medical TranscriptionShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Mobile Phone RepairingShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
NetworkingShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Physiotherapy TechnicianShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Physiotherapy Technician (Advanced)Short-Term Vocational Course S.F
Pre-Press TechnologyShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Programming in C & C++Short-Term Vocational Course S.F
Programming in JAVAShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Quick OfficeShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Radio & TV Repairing & MaintenanceShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Radio TV RepairingShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning.Short-Term Vocational Course S.F
Sanitary InspectorShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Silk Screen Printing & Photo LaminationShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Site Supervisor (Civil)Short-Term Vocational Course S.F
Soft DevelopmentShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Software ApplicationShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Stitching & Garment ManufacturingShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Stitching and Garment ManufactureShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Swift Designing of Text GraphicsShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
TailoringShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Textile & Fashion DesigningShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
TIG WeldingShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Training Artificial Limb & Rehabilitation Aid for Community Workers (Repair & Maintenance)Short-Term Vocational Course S.F
Valuation and Management of Real EstateShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Website DesigningShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Welder (Gas & Electric)Short-Term Vocational Course S.F
Welding & FabricationShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
X-ray TechnicianShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Computer MaintenanceShort-Term Vocational Course G.A.
Architectural AssistantshipDiploma
House Wiring & Motor WindingShort-Term Vocational Course G.A
Automobile Repair & MaintenanceShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Photography & CinematographyDiploma
Electronics & TelecommunicationDiploma
Desk Top Publishing (DTP)Short-Term Vocational Course S.F
Telephone MechanicShort-Term Vocational Course G.A.
Call CentreShort-Term Vocational Course S.F
Interior Decoration, Handicrafts & Furniture DesignDiploma
Marine EngineeringDiploma
Advanced Desk Top PublishingCommercial Education
Advanced Office PracticeCommercial Education
Desk Top PublishingCommercial Education
Office PracticeCommercial Education


JEXPO VOCLET Registration Choice Filling Procedure 2018

The process of registration / option is likely to start from June (interim) and later to cancel the option to terminate the registration process, the council will allot seats through seat allocation round. There will be 4 seat allocation rounds, if the seats remain vacant, then another allocation may be round.

WBSCTE JEXPO VOCLET Seat Allotment 2018

The eligible and legitimate line-holders from Jexpo-2018 and Vocal-2018 will start online consultation in 2018 for admission to diploma courses in 2018 through JEXPO and VOCLET 2018.

There will be no entry in Sunday and public holidays.
Website name for online council of JEXPO 2018 and VOCLET wbscte.net

All related candidates should have close contact with both websites for information related to online consultation and admission.

Best wishes for the JEXPO and VOCLET 2018 candidates here.

Press Click on West Bengal State Council of Technical Education Website for JEXPO / VOCLET 2018 Results.

Press Click on the West Bengal State Council of Technical Education Online Counseling Website to check out Detailed Counseling.

Website of the Council : www.webscte.org

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