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Get Free Voice Call Without Any Internet Application

Get Free Voice Call Without Any Internet Application

After you read that these posts come here and start reading this post because it is also important because you know better than me that the expensive call rate of telecom companies is not the only one thing to know about the call rate , But you can make a free call. And start reading without any internet.

How To Call Free Without Any Internet

Friends, this is the best and free calling without any application. This is the company that gives you free calls on the Internet, many applications are available for free calling but it needs some requirements like application or internet, but what if you do not have any Internet and zero talktime? We have information, so we read it.

The wheel company provides this facility and you can use it on any network. Then read the step-by-step process.

Step 1: – First give a missed call to the wheel company and the toll free number is 180020802080. And you can talk to your friends for 3-4 minutes.

Step 2: – After 30 seconds you will receive a call from 8061020900, so take it (some time the last 4 digits will be changed so be careful)

Step 3: – Now you will hear the voice of Salman Khan, now Salman Khan will ask you in his name and you will receive the receiver mobile number (call your friend or family member)

Step 4: – Now the voice of Salman Khan asks you again if your number is incorrect, do not worry because you can call again.

Step 5: – If your mobile number is correct then the voice of Salman Khan sends your voice to your friend or family member, which is the number you initially provided.

Step 6: – Now the receiver and call sender (you) will listen to the wheel ad

Step 7: – After completing this whole process, you can talk to your friends within 3 minutes. Automatically cut calls after 3 minutes.

Friends, this is a free calling facility for all users in India, so enjoy it. This feature has some weaknesses like voice and other weaknesses, you can not talk more than 3 minutes with your call receiver. So these two are weaknesses but you can enjoy it and ignore it. It is completely free and no hidden charges will apply.

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